A Jewel shines in Brooklyn

DEMETRIA IRWIN | 4/12/2011, 4:38 p.m.

Brown told the AmNews that Dr. Joseph Borer of the Children's Hospital in Boston has been a godsend for Jewel. "Dr. Borer and his staff have been so accommodating and so nice to us. I'm a single mom and I don't have a lot, so when we have to go out there for Jewel's tests, they make sure I have a place to stay and that everything is taken care of," said Brown.

The AmNews reached out to Dr.Borer, but the hospital's public relations department was not able to comment in time for publication of this article.

Jewel's last trip to Boston was in late 2008.Doctors wanted to see if Jewel was a good candidate for a kidney transplant, but they determined that she would have to have a bladder constructed first.

Her latest setback has landed her in Downstate Hospital, where she has been a patient for years. Just last week, Jewel was rushed to the ER with severe stomach pains and had blood in her stool and vomit. She is currently in the intensive care unit while the medical team tries to determine the cause of her condition.

"It's very frustrating. Nobody ever really seems to know what to do because my baby's case is so unique. So now I'm just going to sit here and wait to talk to the doctors who are in charge," said Brown, who has spent most of her waking hours at the hospital for the past few days.

If you would like to contact Jewel or Dianne Brown, send an e-mail to Arealjewel7@aol.com.