A Paladino warning

Elinor Tatum | 4/12/2011, 5:28 p.m.

Paladino has shot his venom toward our current governor, David Paterson, saying, "I'm telling you that Paterson is not your friend. Paterson is a drug addict. He's been a drug addict his entire life," in a quote in the Watertown Daily News.

His thinking often has no logic. On WNYC Radio, he recently compared the health care reform act and 9/11 saying that, "The day that that bill was passed will be remembered just as 9/11 was remembered in history. It was an attempt by these people in Washington to defy the Constitution."

These are just a few of the ways in which Carl Paladino has demonstrated he is just not ready for primetime or to run the Empire State. He's been able to amass a fortune by exploiting cronyism at its worst in Upstate New York and in Albany. But we must not let this stupid man control the levers of power in our great state. We saw the damage that our former "empty suit" governor--George Pataki--could inflict on our communities with 12 years of incompetent rule. Carl Paladino, who is not only ignorant, but also mean-spirited, could be even more destructive. He is a bully with a big bank account, unfit to lead anyone or anything. We must not allow him to be elected governor.