Africa Sings!!! Kudos for K'naan's 'Troubadour'

MISANI and STAN RYAN | 4/12/2011, 4:39 p.m.

The second clue on the "Troubadour" album that something out of the ordinary is about to take over the world of hip-hop is K'naan's refreshing and enriching fusion of hip-hop alongside folk-rap, soul, rock, rock and roll, reggae and traditional African genres, merged with classic, traditional and cutting edge rhythm and beats. From the dynamic power of the track "ABCs"to the rhythmic genre bending grooves of "Dusty Streets" and the acoustic African folk melodies of "Fire in Freetown," K'naan has battered down the superficial, waning doors of hip-hop, entered and is now expanding beyond the narrow, restricted musical boundaries. In addition, "Troubadour" highlights several interesting musical collaborations with such influential artists as Mos Def and Chali Tuna on the track "America"; Damian "JR Gong" Marley on "I Come Prepared"; Adam Levine on "Bang Bang;" and Kirk Hammett on "If Rap Gets Jealous"(the first single off the album getting airplay, and which was added into rotation on K-ROCK/KROQ last week). K'naan, who recently received "Newcomer of the Year" honors at the UK's BBC Radio 3 Awards, is "not just your average MC. He's a voice for change, a peacemaker and a cultural bridge" between Africa and the West." Be sure to pick up "Troubadour" on February 24 and catch his dynamic show at S.O.B.'s in NYC on February 26.

For more information on K'NAAN, please visit: and The Africa Sings!!! series was inspired by Grammy winner Angelique Kidjo, the first lady of world beat music and UNICEF goodwill ambassador, who said of this musical movement: "I feel we are living a special time in history when people are ready to open their hearts to the beauty of African culture through its musical heritage." For further information about the Africa Sings!!! series, please