Akbar Muhammad Reflects onObama in Ghana

Akbar Muhammad | 4/12/2011, 4:35 p.m.

As I stood at the Accra International Airport with thousands of Ghanaians, a handful of Europeans, as well as Black and White - Americans I could only think back to the July day in

1990 after spending a year in a search for a home in Ghana - I ended up moving to this beautiful country.

That was 19 years ago. Little did I think in my wildest dreams that 19 years later I would stand in a crowd of festive people waiting to receive a Black American President to Ghana. In this crowd were more American flags then President Barack Hussein Obama would receive in rallies in America. The drumming, the singing, the picture taking was an unbelievable scene. The Editor of The Final Call Newspaper, Richard Muhammad could not stop clicking his camera.

Even though the thousands of people waiting at this location was not in the location that the President's plane would pull up into for him to disembark - but to them it made no difference to those that were at the airport - to receive on African soil the first Black American President.

Since I arrived in Ghana from Libya where I was a part of Minister Louis Farrakhan's delegation to the Africa Union Summit, I could feel the spirit and the enthusiasm as delegations arrived from all over the world to be a witness to history. The leaders in Libya wrestled for three hard days trying to move the African Union towards a United States of Africa. At the time, Minister Louis Farrakhan's delegation was in Libya there was much talk of Murmmar Qaddafi -Libya's leader, meeting and greeting President Barack Hussein Obama at the G8 meeting in Italy. The other talk was why did President Barack Hussein Obama choose Ghana as his first stop in Black Africa?

The Ghanaians at the airport were not concerned with the politics of the day, they were only concerned with showing President Barack Hussein Obama that he was welcomed in Ghana and that it was a credit to the people of Ghana that they could host the President of the United States.

As the talks filled the airwaves of Ghana and throughout Africa of why President Barack Hussein Obama did not choose Nigeria - why President Barack Hussein Obama did not choose Kenya the home of his father - why did he not choose South Africa the economic powerhouse of Black Africa? My answer is why not Ghana - the home of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who as the first President of Ghana pushed the idea of a United States of Africa. Ghana is the resting place of W.E.B. Dubois and George Padmore - and most of all Ghana is the home of two of the largest slave dungeons in all of Africa.

His speech to the Parliament of Ghana held at the Accra International Conference Center was not only addressed to Ghana but it was a brilliant speech that was played and addressed to all of Africa and the world. I am glad that former President Clinton, a democrat and former President George Bush, a republican came to Ghana. This shuts the mouth of the Obama attack dogs in America.