Assimilating Black children in the U.S.

Jr. | 4/12/2011, 4:35 p.m.

Blacks who advocate equal funding for Black children have no knowledge of the purpose of education. Throwing more money at public education, controlled by whites, is like throwing kerosene at a burning fire. Many Black children are resisting a forced, public education even if the alternative is prison.

Given the history of racial oppression in this country, a Black child should be constitutionally entitled to a customized education. Black children have special needs that have arisen from racial oppression. Public education will not do the trick. In addition, charter

schools are like wolves in sheep's clothing. This is a rehash of the "talented tenth."

Both Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey served apprenticeships. The same can be said for Robert Morris Jr., Aaron Alpeoria Bradley and Scipio Africanus Jones. All of these revered ancestors were also committed to self-study. We must look to the past to fashion an educational paradigm for the future.In the meantime, Blacks must put an end to mayoral control.

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