Do Blacks have a future in New York City?

Jr. | 4/12/2011, 4:38 p.m.

Nevertheless, I have been sued, frivolously, three times in Manhattan Housing Court by a corporation that has no proprietary interest in the subject premises. The Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law supposedly requires a landlord-tenant relationship before a housing court can maintain a dispossess proceeding. I am the exception to this strict rule. When a grantor delivers a deed to the grantee, the grantor divests itself of all title to the premises, and the rights of the landlord with respect to any tenant are transferred by operation of the conveyance to the grantee. This law is applied selectively. It should be strictly applied.

To make matters worse, the state attorney general's office has intervened on behalf of the trial judge who is turning the landlord-tenant law upside down and is selectively applying the law. Everyone admits that the housing court lacks subject-matter jurisdiction over this dispossess proceeding. Yet, I will be exposed to a warrant of eviction on September 15 before the political convention in Buffalo.

This same state attorney general's office argued that I could be disbarred in People v. Sharpton for refusing to violate Rev. Al Sharpton's attorney-client privilege. In other words, I had to choose between being a snitch and a sacrificial lamb. The latter meant permanent unemployment. The struggle continues.

Instead of defending a housing court judge who is flouting the law, the office of the state attorney general should have already indicted this wayward corporation for a scheme to defraud and cause wrongful evictions of scores of tenants over the past decade. In New York, rich, white corporations can use the courts with impunity to wrongfully evict tenants.

The future for Blacks in New York is bleak. We are virtually voiceless politically. No one will step forward to stop this Bloomberg steamroller. Cannibalism is running amuck. Legal representation for Blacks in New York City ended on May 21,1990,when I was illegally disbarred. It has chilled Black lawyers.

My petition for writ of certiorari is now pending in the U.S. Supreme Court with no help from leading Blacks. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has until July 31, by the High Court and the Code of Professional Responsibility, to come clean and disclose the files of Tawana Brawley. They have been classified as top secret since November 1987. A top secret classification for a "hoax" is absurd.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the fate of thousands of Blacks weekly in housing courts if a housing court judge can push around someone who has more than 35 years of experience in landlord-tenant law. The Black population of New York City is being decimated every year for myriad reasons. Wrongful evictions is one of them.

In any political system, there will always be predators. Since we have not enjoyed any rights of self-defense under the First, the Second nor the 15th amendments, our fate is sealed. These constitutional amendments were ratified to provide self-defense to "citizens."

We have no standing in either the courts or the political assemblies. Oppressive laws are written by legislatures, prosecuted by district attorneys and enforced by the courts. See, for example, the legislative disparity between the use of crack cocaine versus the use of powder cocaine.