Henry Louis Gates and Dred Scott

Jr. | 4/12/2011, 4:38 p.m.

"We wish to plead our own cause. Too long have others spoken for us." These words, demonstrating First Amendment rights, appeared in the first editorial of Freedom's Journal, which was also the first newspaper for Blacks in the United States. It was established by John Russwurm and Rev. Samuel Cornish in New York City in 1827.

No truer words have ever been spoken for any ethnic group. Soon after the ratification of the 15th Amendment, Sen. Charles Sumner, a white Republican and fearless advocate for Black rights, advised Blacks to form their own political parties. He was nearly caned to death on the floor of the U.S. Senate for advising Blacks. Nevertheless, Blacks opted for other white Republicans to speak for them.

In other words, Blacks ignored his advice and Dred Scott is still the law of the land even though, for Blacks, the Civil War turned into a struggle to defeat Dred Scott by ratifying the 14th Amendment. Last week, in Cambridge, Mass., Blacks were , once again, painfully reminded that Dred Scott is still alive and kicking. President Warren Harding said, "Personally, I am a believer in government through political parties." The exercise of the franchise without a political party constitutes plantation politics. President Harding has an African ancestor. He never denied it. His future father- in-law called him a "nigger." Eventually, he was murdered in office. Once again, America played the race card to take out an "uppity Negro."

Dr. Henry Louis Gates is the leading Black academic in this country. Until July 16, he, like Rev. Al Sharpton, was eating from the public trough while engaging in public relations gimmicks for law enforcement officials. Aesop called it "running with the hares and hunting with the hounds."

Rev. Sharpton is still on Mayor Michael Bloomberg's payroll. He is also the leading spokesperson for Blacks fighting police brutality instead of police terrorism. In any intelligent community, these relationships would constitute a conflict of interest. Instead, we continue to offer Black bodies to him hoping to hit the jackpot. Law enforcement officials are able to have their cake and eat it too.

Dr. Gates was wrongfully arrested in Cambridge, Mass., for mistaking his slave quarters for a white man's castle. The local police department already knew of him and his place of abode. A spy network was established in 1917 to keep leading Blacks under surveillance. To his surprise, Dr. Henry L. Gates was a suspect and not a prospect.

Under English common law, a white man's home is his castle. Absent an arrest warrant or a search warrant, no standing army may trespass on his property.

This is a Third Amendment guarantee. The Cambridge Police Department is a standing army and operating in violation of the Second Amendment.

The U.S. Constitution, on the other hand, still defines any descendant of enslaved Africans as three-fifths of a person. Any place of abode owned by a descendant of enslaved Africans is a slave quarters. The rule against perpetuities fails to apply to slave quarters. With all of his Ivy League education, Dr. Gates still believes that white supremacists have abandoned the "one drop" rule for the majority rule. This is a by-product of affirmative action. Thus, he now believes that he is a white man. Dr. Gates is delusional. He boasts that 57 percent of his blood is European.