I'm curious to see what's coming next

WILBERT A.TATUM | 4/12/2011, 4:35 p.m.

It has taken what seems to be years of yesterdays in order for us to get to today when we elected a Black man President of the United States. It has taken too long.

Many of us are frustrated because we are so anxious to get started on that New America; that new highway in the sky to the new land of our birth, which would give birth to the land of our dreams. No matter how impatient we got, time marched on in its own inexorable way until time stopped and held its breath for a moment, and so did we. And then time was upon us. The process should not have taken such a long time. There was much to do on the part of the Obama team, but they kept being interrupted by little men and little women who wanted to have President-elect Obama visit their place in the sun.

This situation about Jessie Jackson, Jr. is whatever it is. If he tried to buy a Senate seat from a crooked governor in order to have one of the first seats vied for in the Senate, a cheap and dirty deal, so be it. We had hoped for more than that from the Jessie Jackson clan, but Chicago is what it is politically. Therefore, it does us no good to jump up and down and accuse anybody of anything. All we must do is wait and wonder. This isn't even anything to be worried about. Whatever it was, it was. Whatever it is, it is. Whether Barack Obama is involved in this tawdry kind of circumstance is doubtful, but if he is, he is.

Another few days, and the shoes that we have been expecting to drop all over America to deprive President-elect Obama of his place in the sun will have already dropped or begin to drop or will not drop. All of this is too much to expect in a world and in an America that is whatever it is.

I guess that it was too much to ask of fate that she be kind as well as fair. There was no legitimate reason why we should have had to ask for either. America had done those unexpected things; she had walked the political walk and she had talked the political talk, and now the time had come for her to collect. It was as simple as that. That is what Obama expected. So, he started selecting his dream team, sometimes called a cabinet in the parlance of old heads at the Democratic Party who began to pay off the party faithful with jobs that have real power.

Within a few days, the last celebrations will take place and for many of us, they will be the first hurrahs and the last hurrahs. The elation, love and the beauty of this time will be no more and it cannot come again. I, for one, am anxious to see it come--and go, as elated as I am about it--because I want to see us take that five o'clock train to somewhere with a key in our hand that will open the corridor of power or close it where people who look like all of us have begun to share in the power, the wealth and the beauty of this country where men and women are equal.