Jets rookie Mark Sanchez has bad day

Marcus Henry | 4/12/2011, 4:38 p.m.

We all figured the day would come when Mark Sanchez would have a rough day at the office. All of his negative virtues -holding the ball like a loaf of bread, holding on to the ball too long- came to the surface in Sunday's 24-10 loss to the Saints.But there's no reason to jump off the Jets bandwagon. Losing a road game to a tough opponent in week 4 isn't a disaster. In fact, it may even help the Jets. With so much hype and buzz surrounding the Jets and Sanchez, they were bound to hit a bump in the road and crash land. Better that it happens early in the season than in a big game later in the year or even in the playoffs.What this loss also does is take the pressure off Sanchez and the rest of the team. It takes the aura of invincibility away from the team and will prevent a wave of overconfidence from taking over. For those with short memories, the Jets (3-1) started 4-0 under Al Groh in 2000 and ended up 9-7 and out of the playoffs. Last season they started 8-3. How'd that work out? They finished 9-7 and out of the playoffs.Although this is an entirely different scenario, history usually has a way of repeating itself with this team. Overconfidence usually leads to failure with the Jets.Getting back to Sanchez, the Saints exploited his looseness with the ball and turned two of his four turnovers into 14 points. Those things happen with rookie quarterbacks. The Jets head to Miami Monday night for another key division matchup. The Dolphins destroyed the Bills on Sunday, 38-10.Rest assured Sanchez will enter the contest with the sole purpose of not letting down the Jets defense, which played well on Sunday surrendering just 10 points. Through four games, Bart Scott and company have only given up three touchdowns. Getting the running game back on track with also be a priority against Miami. Thomas Jones (48 yards) and Leon Washington totaled just 65 yards rushing against the Saints. Jones' early struggles prompted the Jets to go to rookie back Shonn Greene for a few carries. Look for an energized Jets offense to do a number on the Dolphins defense.