Jobs demanded by the NAACP

Herb Boyd | 4/12/2011, 5:28 p.m.

The dreams of the thousands of young people at the conference are in keeping with the hopes and aspirations illuminated by Roslyn Brock, chair of the organization's board. They will be, she said during her keynote address, the leaders who "will fashion a new spirit of activism strengthened by the wisdom of our elders."

With a program book of some 160 pages filled with workshops galore, the NAACP's convention is a typical amalgam of issues and personalities, including the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, scheduled for later appearances.

On Tuesday, the organization passed a resolution condemning racists and bigots in the Tea Party, but the final word on the issue will not come until the NAACP's national resolutions committee decides. In a related development, the NAACP was attacked following comments from Jealous about their negative influence. They assailed the leader, charging that he should spend more time chastising the New Black Panther Party for "its racism."

"First of all, we are concerned with bigotry wherever it occurs," Jealous said. "Both need to expel bigots from their ranks." The New Black Panther Party, however, he added, is no way as influential as the Tea Party.

Meanwhile, the NAACP made a number of significant announcements at the convention, including raising nearly $200,000 for the Haiti relief effort. The organization, along with more than 150 other groups, is planning a massive march for jobs on October 2.