Marcus Henry ranks the New York metro area's best franchises of the last 10 years.

Marcus Henry | 4/12/2011, 4:35 p.m.

Here it is, a list of New York's top franchises from 1 to 11. Most people think there are only nine, but I am including the New York Liberty and the NY/NJ Red Bulls.

1. New York Giants - This was a tough call, but the Giants have made the playoffs six times in the last nine seasons. Among those six playoff appearances, included two Super Bowl berths and one victory. But ranking the Giants number 1 isn't just about wins. From top to bottom, on and off the field, the Giants are the best run organization in the area. They handle controversy well (see Plaxico Burress) and rarely embarrass themselves.

2. New York Yankees - Okay, so the Yankees haven't won a world series since the 2000 season. They've made the World Series three other times this decade and had a string of consecutive playoff appearances stopped at 13. They'll certainly make the playoffs this season and are currently the favorites to win the World Series. In terms of team management, the Yankees nearly as effective as the Giants. But there is one difference: George Steinbrenner. Steinbrenner gets all the credit in the world for making the Yankees a household name. But his history of firing managers and undermining his general managers counts against him.

3. New Jersey Devils - The best way to describe the Devils is that they are winners. They are in the midst of a 12-year playoff run. They've won three Stanley Cups in the last 15 years, including their latest one in 2003. It's tough to argue with what the Devils have done. The only knock on the Devils is that they've had seven coaches in the last nine years. That has to tell you something about management.

4. New Jersey Nets - The Nets were one of the hottest teams in the area at the beginning of this decades. Six straight playoff appearances, including two straight trips to the NBA Finals will do that. The Nets have cooled off the last two years, but those things happen. Rod Thorn has done an excellent job of building the franchise into a contender. With a young nucleus that includes Brook Lopez, Devin Harris and Courtney Lee, the Nets are poised to return to the playoffs.

5. New York Liberty - The WNBA isn't exactly a household name when it comes to American sports. But the women of the league deserve just as much credit as the men do. The Liberty have been one of the most consistently solid franchises the last nine years. The team has made nine playoff appearances in its 13 years of existence. They have yet to get over the hump, but they've knocked on the door of a championship several times.

6. Red Bulls - Although the Red Bulls are in the midst of their worst seasons, they have a string of six straight playoff appearances to boast. With a new stadium set to open next season under better ownership, the Red Bulls have a chance at something really special. The fact that they haven't won a championship this decade is the only thing that is keeping them from a higher position on this list.