MURDEREDFallen angels: Stop the killing

Nayaba Arinde | 4/12/2011, 4:38 p.m.

The Bury the Beef campaign focuses on a lot of beefs that get out of control and end up in these killings--like that of 13-year-old Kevin Miller. Said Ford, "These kids need someone who they can talk to. These kids have to know that they don't have to or cannot shoot up the entire community because you are angry with one person or have an issue."

Fresh off an anti-violence rally in Queens last Saturday, which called for an abandoned building to be turned into a youth center, Ford said, "Bury the Beef is national and is supported by T.I.'s King Foundation in Atlanta and the Black Star Project in Chicago.

"In Queens, Kings of Kings and Man Up Inc. in Brooklyn got $500,000 each to focus on this issue of stopping this mindless violence. The money came from the SNUG state project and was put into the Kevin Miller Anti-Violence Fund. The monies from the state must go to organizations directly connected to the brothers and sisters working with these kids on the streets.

"The gun fire in New York City is crazy, and the organizations on the frontline are the ones who need to be supported. Russell Simmons has come on to support us and has reached out to artists to come up with the anthem for the movement to help bring attention and resources to the street."

For more information, contact www.burythebeef.com or call (917) 361-4376.