Once again, the FBI entraps some poor unfortunate Black men!

Saeed Shabazz | 4/12/2011, 4:40 p.m.

Gov. David Paterson said, "This case clearly illustrates that the threat of terrorism in New York is persistent." Again, we turn to Kuby, who appeared at a symposium on "homegrown terrorists," which was sponsored by the neo-con think tank the Manhattan-based Council for Foreign Relations on May 8. "On balance, the [Justice Department] is doing a poor to mediocre job. Most terror cases against American Muslims consist of vastly overblown charges--cases that exist where investigators or informants have actually induced suspects to say stupid or ugly things," Kuby said.

Getting back to Hussain, an alleged Pakistani, according to reports, the FBI recruited him back in 2003 after busting him for making phony licenses for illegal immigrants. This guy's first snare involved an imam in Albany and a Muslim owner of a pizza parlor. Remember what Kuby said earlier in this story, that the issue of the informant's behavior may not ever come up in the case of the "Newburgh Four"? Well, the judge in the "Pizza Parlor Case," as it is now known, pushed aside jurors' questions concerning why the FBI thought these men were suspected of being terrorists in the first place.

"The FBI had certain suspicions," the judge reportedly told the jury. "But why they did is not to be any concern of yours." Both men in Albany were convicted of attempting to provide material support to terrorists.

On May 12, five men, all Haitian immigrants, and none of them Muslim, were convicted of conspiring to help al-Qaeda blow up Chicago's Sears Tower and other buildings in the U.S. The defendants were known as the "Liberty City Six." One of the men won an acquittal; and it took the government three trials to convict the other five.

In 2006, the FBI video-taped these men swearing their allegiance to an FBI undercover agent, who posed as an al-Qaeda operative. We have been informed that much of the prosecution's evidence against the "Newburgh Four" consists of taped conversations between them and an FBI informant. One of the "Liberty City Six" told the court that he had never planned to blow anything up. "I just wanted the $50,000 the man said he had." Observers say the informant in Newburgh was sporting a whole lot of cash and fancy new cars.

There have been several of those "why can't we all just get along" press conferences since the arrest of the four men. During the press conference on May 21 at the Riverdale Jewish Center, one of the bombing sites, Imam Rashid spoke sternly to the audience, saying: "We want to make sure there are no recriminations against the Muslim community. We are against being probed, against having our houses of worship surveilled, and against the use of our weak-minded for these setup operations."

Unfortunately, the "Newburgh Four" are men who have been in and out of jail on various drug-related charges, etc.; and one of them is clinically schizophrenic, according to reports. It seems that Imam Rashid spoke without fear of being contradicted.