President Obama must protect Blacks

Alton H.Maddox | , Jr. | 4/12/2011, 4:39 p.m.

According to former New York State Attorney General Robert Abrams, the grand jury said that Tawana Brawley's complaint was a "hoax." A grand juror filed an affidavit asserting that it was Abrams and not the grand jury that characterized Ms. Brawley's complaint as a "hoax." The grand jury believed otherwise.

In fact, Abrams wrote the grand jury report in violation of Article 190 of the Criminal Procedure Law. A grand jury report must be in the words of the grand jury. Abrams was not a member of the grand jury. Moreover, the grand jury lacked a quorum to issue the report. This disclosure is what Gov. David Paterson fears. President Obama preaches transparency in government. The Brawley file is also in possession of the federal government. Former U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani is a part of the conspiracy. President Obama can also release the file.

On Jan.13, 1988, I appeared alone on the doorsteps of the Dutchess County Courthouse to announce that the Brawleys would dishonor grand jury subpoenas because an assistant district attorney, Steven Pagones, was involved in the kidnapping and rape of Tawana Brawley.

Inside the courthouse at the same time, Tim Losee, a white mailman, was fingering four white men who were in a car near the venue where Tawana was dumped on November 28.This was the beginning of the cover-up. Losee was prevented from telling the grand jury about the four white men.

This revelation from Losee would shake up the district attorney's office. Losee was identifying Harry Crist Jr.'s decommissioned police vehicle and Steven Pagones was in it on that Saturday morning with Scott Patterson, who would become a bodyguard for Gov. George Pataki.

Pagones would later admit that on the morning of November 28,he was in a decommissioned police vehicle with three of his buddies. He claimed that they were headed to Connecticut in Crist's vehicle to do some Christmas shopping, even though he had no sales receipts and his memory had betrayed him.

In a letter to Gov. Mario Cuomo dated Jan,25,1988, Judge Judith Hillary would name Pagones as a suspect. When Abrams impaneled a grand jury in Dutchess County on Feb.29,1988,he announced that he had no suspect. This was the beginning of Abrams' covering up for the four white men. Instead, he would later blame the messenger for the message.

Unlike Nifong withholding exculpatory evidence in the Duke rape case, Abrams manufactured false evidence. This is worse. He ignored witnesses with knowledge of the Brawley incident and supplanted them with hypothetical witnesses.

For example, Dr. Alexander Aplasca examined the body of Harry Crist Jr. and concluded that it was a homicide. Abrams kept Dr. Aplasca's autopsy report from the grand jury and, instead, hired Dr. Michael Baden to testify that Crist's death was a suicide. Abrams later added a suicide note and a gun near Crist's body. Like in the Wayne Williams case, Abrams relied on hair and fibers, which are scientifically unreliable to connect a defendant to a crime scene. Abrams urged the grand jury to conclude that pseudo-scientific testimony demonstrated a "hoax."