Racism and Palin in the posse for Obama

Jr. | 4/12/2011, 4:34 p.m.

Vice presidential candidates are not given executive privilege. Since she was auditioning for the job, Palin should have been on her best behavior. After she muscled in on the right to pick and choose her questions, all television sets should have been turned off. Palin had also appeared on ABC Evening News with Charles Gibson. When she was unable to answer a question, she would either admit it or promise to go home and do her homework. She demonstrated utmost respect for Couric and Gibson. A vice presidential debate is easier than a television interview because the debate is scripted. Nonetheless, Palin had to take her cheat sheets to the inquisition. This only highlights her ignorance. Of course, the Constitution fails to bar morons from becoming vice presidents. There have been more than 40 debates during the 2008 presidential primaries. Moreover, the Republican and Democratic parties agree to keep hot button issues off the table. While she may not know the exact questions, she is aware that issues like civil rights and capital punishment are off-limits. The two major political parties structure their own debates. This explains Palin's use of cue cards. She was too dumb for a crash course to have been of any assistance to her even with limited areas of debate. For the past four decades, she has apparently been a voracious reader of comic books. To make matters worse, the co-chairmen of the Commission on Presidential Debates are Paul G. Kirk Jr. and Frank J. Fahrenkopt Jr., lobbyists and lapdogs of corporate America. This favors Palin. These corporate sponsors of the CPD enjoy a quid pro quo. Presidential debates only address the concerns of Wall Street and Madison Avenue. The last time that Blacks were on anyone's political agenda was 1964.

Malcolm X and Dr. Martin L. King Jr. were assassinated afterwards, and Blacks returned to the Democratic National Convention in 1984 as political share-croppers. By any debating rules, Biden trounced Palin. She either refused to answer some questions or her answers were non-responsive. For other questions, she matched apples with oranges. Many sisters, behind bars, would have outshone Palin in a debate. Palin is Gov. Spiro Agnew with lipstick. He was also an attack dog. Pres. Richard Nixon lived to regret that he had fingered Agnew as his vice president. Nixon was also unfamiliar with Agnew. Nixon would find out later that Agnew was not only a racist, but also an idiot savant. Since 1968, every Republican presidential nominee has played the race card. They have either used coded words or they have exploited racial stereotypes. This strategy was aimed at placating the religious right and the South, in particular.

Palin kicked off her campaign this past Friday by describing Obama as "unqualified." Nixon loved "law and order." Pres. Ronald Reagan promised states' rights. Bush 41 exploited "Willie" Horton and Bush 43 simply stole the election. In each case, the "Whimp Party" simply raised the white flag. Now, Palin is engaged in McCarthyism. Even before September 4, Republicans had hog-tied Obama to Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Now,Palin is hand-cuffing Obama to Bill Ayers, founder of the Weathermen in the 1960s.