Standing on the shoulders of Rangel

Stephon Johnson | 4/12/2011, 4:38 p.m.

Some folks, not on record though, alluded to Rangel-directed attacks as a result of jealously and prejudice towards New York City, a Black congressman in a position of power and his diverse group of acquaintances.

There's no doubt that Rangel has made a sizable impact on city, state and national politics. Something that Steve Spinola, president of the Real Estate Board of New York can personally attest to.

"Charlie Rangel, thanks to his years of leadership, is in a very important position in New York State and New York City," he said. "His voice is critical. We need to make sure he gets a fair shake and a fair deal, and we need to keep him working for the vision he has for the country." Spinola cited Rangel's assistance in fighting the loss of state and city local deductibility as one of Rangel top achievements. Spinola said it would be "a problem for our state" if Rangel were to lose his position in Congress.

Literature handed out to the media included a long list of people standing by Rangel in his time of need. It included the likes of Roger Toussaint, of TWU Local 100; Lloyd Williams, of the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce; Howard Rubenstein, of Rubenstein Associates; and Deborah Wright, of Carver Bankcorp Inc. They, along with Kyle Bragg, vice president and director of the residential division for SEIU-32BJ, are mortified at the thought of the nation's capital doing business without Rangel.

"To watch all of these articles come out and demonize him, we needed to step up and talk about the Charlie Rangel that we know--the Rangel we know that has been fighting for decades," said Bragg. "He has been a champion. It's because of people like Rangel that you and I are here today and are able to prosper in this nation.

"It is a mandate to be here," concluded Bragg.

"We will go with whatever the Ethics Committee comes up with," said Rev. Butts. "We believe he's a strong representative for our nation, our city and our community."