Kaleem Musa "The Poet of Harlem" Keita | 4/12/2011, 4:38 p.m.

Look up there at MichaelSinging all that soulMichael started dancingMoves pre Rock 'n' RollSince Big Mama ThorntonKicked the jam Hound DogShe would be impressed withHis Beatles catalogIt is like a gold mineCultural empireMusic came from Black folksSet the world on fireIt is like the gospelLook at Fats WallerHe'd be astounded bySongs and the dollarGod bless Fats DominoDown in New OrleansRichard earned his crown thereMichael is too a KingWhen I was ten years oldSaw a T.V. showLive on Ed SullivanNearly lost controlJackson 5 raised me upI'll try to describeLike unto perfectionJoy to be aliveOde to Joy, BeethovenCould lead to a tranceJackson 5 took me thereAwed but didn't danceI was just a small boyMotown raised the barBelieved in what Sly sangLove for who you areMade me feel invincibleCertain state of mindDidn't fear F.B.I.Michael's on his grindMusic's a special shieldMichael sacrificedThat's why he was so goodGo and ask Lloyd Price Mike had an antidoteReach and be your bestMiles Sketches of SpainSince Moors traveled WestMichael knew who he wasSome folks just blasphemeMichael heard his drummerWhere James Brown is KingIf you heard gold through himYour ears never liedMichael, James, and SammyArt personifiedGo see Bill BojanglesFoot work cut like knivesPulled him out povertyMichael too was wiseWhy'd they humiliateForcing him to trialsIt was to bring him downThat was not Mike's styleEgypt he took us thereThe red, black, and greenEgypt was once KemetThey weren't EuropeanMike led the world through songHence "the King of Pop"Absent of racismNot one single dropWhy many Jackson folkRenown or have fameThose with letters M.J.Known to raise their gameMichael's death took from meA kin beyond bloodFeels like Katrina's painPolitics and floodsWhen he was at his heightTreated him like BrahamFled when he was attacked'Cept Rev and FarrakhanMichael was my heroBack when I was tenCould you take such pressureCast no stones with sinDown in ArgentinaUnder dif'frent skiesRepublican scandals Love those fam'ly tiesBack out in Las VegasAnother swan songNo one likes to sufferTrapped and left aloneGod bless the Jackson 5Parents of the KingI hope Mike's children soarUse their father's wingsCheck out his microphoneThriller on the listBiggest phenomenonSince Hank Ballard's TwistPardon me if I cryChurches understandGod delivered DanielWhy not ev'ry manGod delivered DanielWhy not ev'ry manPeace to Farrah FawcettPrayers for Ed McMahonEngland got a King James,Shakespeare and BibleJames Brown's a U.S. KingMike's his DISCIPLE!!! Long live Michael Joseph Jackson "the King of Popular Music"!Copyright 2009 Kaleem Musa "The Poet of Harlem" Keita. All Rights Reserved.