TRIFECTA: LeBron to join Wade and Bosh in Miami

Marcus Henry | 4/12/2011, 5:30 p.m.

So who lost out?

As for our hometown Knicks, James said it was all about winning. "It ultimately came down to where I could win the most," he said to ESPN's Mike Wilbon.

The Knicks had a lot to offer with the acquistion of Amare Stoudemire, cap space to acquire at least one more max salary player and the whole New York City appeal. But even with James, the Knicks wouldn't have been an immediate favorite.

The Bulls might have been the best fit. With Boozer, Noah, Rose and Deng, adding James to the mix would've made Chicago a heavy favorite. The Cavaliers had a lot to offer, too. The comforts of home, a team that led the league in wins the last two seasons and enough cap flexibility to make some big roster moves.

Ultimately, James' decision came down to winning. Signing with the Heat will give James an immediate shot at a championship and a chance to win several more.

His legacy? He'll get some criticism for signing with what is seemingly a ready-made championship-caliber team instead of trying to build one from the ground up. If he wins multiple titles with Miami, these past few weeks will be forgotten. If he fails to win a title, look out. The fans and media can be a very unforgiving lot.