We wonder and we fear

WILBERT A. TATUM | 4/12/2011, 4:34 p.m.

We are coming closer and closer to the time when the primary elections will be over and the final count before the convention begins on the Democratic side of the tent. While the Democratic side of the tent means more for Black Americans than it does on the Republican side, it is still worthy that we note and understand what is happening with that process.

Coming up on this week, we have seen the phenomenon of Senator Barack Obama explode upon the horizon and leave us breathless with the idea that he may indeed become President of the United States. But still, while soaring in a euphoria, we cannot believe, not even in our wildest dreams, when each day and every minute brings to us something of particular note or fear.

We have now come to the State of West Virginia, where Barack Obama gets trounced. It is clear that neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton will get the majorities that they need to be declared winner of the delegate count that brings one to merit being named the candidate for the Democrat Party.

Senator Obama, after the contest in West Virginia, is still substantially ahead in all areas that are counted:delegates, super delegates, popular votes et al. In words not too difficult to understand, he is the winner going into the last phase of the Democratic primaries.

Had anyone else been running, it seems, other than Black Barack Obama and white Hillary Clinton against each other in a white bread nation, the election would have been called because it is clear by now that neither of them has the kind of majorities required to be deemed the winner of the primary fight. Yet, Senator Clinton is hanging in, desperately raising money and telling Senator Barack Obama and everyone else in the world who will listen that they are hanging in, that they are not going to give up nor back out, no matter what happens in the last phases of the primaries.

For many Democrats this is scary. Scary because it is believed by many that Democrats will injure themselves so much in the eyes of the public by the bickering, the anger, the false charges, etc. that they will give John McCain a coasting ride to the Presidency because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have made more of an effort to kill each other off than they have trying to site the real reasons why Senator John McCain nor any other Republican should have a free ride to the Presidency and a virtual third term for George W. Bush.

Yet, no one seems to listen. Crazy people on Hillary Clinton's side insist that she can still win, no matter what the current numbers say and no matter what the Democratic National Committee does about the problem of seating Michigan and Florida at convention, although they clearly disobeyed a rule that they were privy to that forbade their taking a position in the primary schedule ahead of all the other states.