Where Hollywood Meets Harlem with Amanda Diva

4/12/2011, 5:23 p.m.

DivaSpeaksTV is one of the most creative and funny shows I have seen in a longtime. From skits about Chris Brown and Rihanna to poking fun at Kayne West and his Space Age glasses. I must say Amanda Diva is the modern day Carol Burnett.

You can watch DivaSpeaksTV on ThisIs50.com. Check it out ya'll. Seriously check it out. I watched the show for four hours straight. She's funny.

I want to clear something up from my previous question. I don't think Amanda lacks talent to start her own company. By far, she can run circles around people who run multi-billion dollar companies. I'm not sure if the comparison is saying much about her intelligence- particularly during these economic times. But the girl is smart. I mean Bobby Fisher smart. My question is why the entertainment business? It's such a crazy business.

She doesn't really speak about the business aspect only to say that forming a company has forced her to be more business minded and conscience of certain things- like taxes. But her creativity plus her love for music and the arts drives her past all the BS in Hollywood- particularly the business of Hollywood.


What is missing in Black Hollywood?


Black people, good scripts- particularly roles for black women. We seemed to be pigeon holed- lacking flexibility and repertoire. Hollywood doesn't seem to entertain casting black women for a role originally written for a white male. I don't understand that. But I'm not the type of person to complain without trying to find a solution. I really wish I could fix this about Hollywood.


It's time to wrap it up. What advice do you have for the generation after you? The next Amanda Diva?


Wow that is scary! Stick to your guns. It's extremely hard to maintain an image. There is a lot of pressure in this business to be a certain type of image. And things are so half hazard in the entertainment business. Everything is on you. It's no longer about the type of car you drive but the amount of CDs you sell out of your trunk...

Amanda, Scotty my photographer/friend and I continued to talk for an additional half an hour after the interview. Journalist are supposed to be impartial but damn it this is my Blog. And I can do whatever I want. [Sidebar: I apologize to my editor in chief Elinor Tatum. I should have forewarned you in advance- before you gave me all this power.] I AM AN OFFICIAL FAN OF AMANDA DIVA. I said it. She's dope. I see a bright future for this fried fish eating, jaywalking, musician, actress, comedian, and visual artist currently working in Hollywood but happens to live in Harlem. I love Harlem! Not to mention- she agreed to hook up my home girl Gena with rapper/actor Q-Tip. Mmmm not really. Sorry Gena I tried.

Check out Amanda's FreEp titled, "Spandex, Rhymes & Soul" on her website amandadiva.com. And her follow-up album to Spandex, Rhymes and Soul called Supa Spandex, Rhymes and Soul- coming soon.