White coalition rules New York City

Jr. | , Alton H. Maddox | 4/12/2011, 4:39 p.m.

Blacks constitute the oldest ethnic group and largest voting bloc in New York City. In our 400 years in this city, we have reached the crossroads and no one is sounding the alarm. Our population was steadily rising until the Draft Riots of 1863. Afterwards, Blacks fled the city en masse.

We have now become the largest ethnic group in New York City, but gentrification is depleting our stock. This is affecting our unexercised political might and our unfocused power as consumers. Power is meaningless if it is disorganized.

This potential economic and political power is going to naught because we are lacking a single strategist in this city who understands goals, timetables, strategies and tactics. Any road will get us to an unknown destination if we have no road map.

This city is divided into two coalitions. The organized coalition, with municipal power, consists of groups associated with Ireland, Israel and Italy (the three Is). With New York City as the financial capital of the world, these groups also affect foreign policy.

The disorganized and, therefore, powerless coalition consists of Asians, Blacks and Latinos. Its common thread is historical oppression. This coalition is without power and authority, but it is two-thirds of the city's population. The coalition with power, on the other hand, is only one-third of the city's population.

Four municipal offices represent power in this city. Two of those offices were decided in the run-off election following the white primary on September 15. These are the offices of public advocate and comptroller. New York City has a political formula to ensure white power. The run-off election insures its outcome.

The office of council speaker may have already been decided in the white primary with Council Speaker Christine Quinn eventually repeating history. The disorganized coalition is expected to endorse Quinn, even though whites will be the minority in the New York City Council.

Unless Blacks come out of a coma post haste, the betting line is that Mayor Michael Bloomberg will get a renewal lease on Gracie Mansion. Quinn is expected to retain her position as council speaker and maintain the status quo legislatively.

Asians, Blacks and Latinos are expected to endorse their own oppression. They will put Quinn back in the saddle. She alone will make committee assignments and decide legislative policy. Bill de Blasio will be the next public advocate. This completes the Irish-Italian-Jewish coalition.

The office of comptroller is a game of musical chairs for historically oppressed groups. Asians will enjoy a permanent fixture in the comptroller's office unless Blacks go through a revolution of the mind. The top prize, however, is Gracie Mansion.

Black elected officials should be conducting political education classes for the Black masses. The abolition of the Board of Estimate reduced the political clout of the office of the comptroller for the City of New York. This explains the recent elections of William Thompson and John Liu for this post.

If experience is the best teacher, whites have had more than a 300-year head start in acquiring knowledge of the political process in New York. In 1821, the New York Constitutional Convention abolished all property qualifications in order for white men to enjoy the franchise while imposing property qualifications on all Black men before they could vote.