White coalition rules New York City

Jr. | , Alton H. Maddox | 4/12/2011, 4:39 p.m.

Blacks in New York would enjoy its first political representative when Edward Austin Johnson was elected to the New York State Assembly in 1917. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. would become the first Black member of the New York City Council in 1941.

Citizenship in the United States was denied to Asians until after World War II. In the field of education, the U.S. Supreme Court lumped Asians and Blacks together in Gung Lum v. Rice, in 1927. John Liu, in 2001, would become the first Asian elected to public office in New York.

In 1937, Oscar Garcia-Rivera was elected to the New York State Assembly, becoming the first Puerto Rican to hold elective office in the continental United States. For both Latinos and Blacks, election to state offices would precede election to municipal offices in New York.

Mayor Bloomberg has misdefined the 2009 mayoral campaign. He is pushing issues and has conveniently ignored the structure of governance. In this election, Bloomberg has put the cart before the horse. The real issue is a timocracy supplanting a "democracy" and not test scores in public schools.

Any Black candidate for mayor would have a shot if the mayoral campaign were not subject to property qualifications. Money has more potency in the political process than votes because Black preachers, politicians and leading Blacks, in the main, are political prostitutes.

Blacks have only been able to elect a Black mayor for one term in New York City. If you had to lay a foundation for this election in 1989, it would start with Tawana Brawley, who laid the looming groundwork to put Dinkins in Gracie Mansion. She was also the driving force behind the ouster of Gov. Mario Cuomo and state Attorney General Robert Abrams.

The first step in Dinkins' mayoral success was the weekly UAM assemblies at the Slave Theater. The next step, unfortunately, was the assassination of Yusuf Hawkins in Bensonhurst. The final step was an energized Black vote in 1989 after UAM-led marches in Bensonhurst.

The racially motivated murder of Hawkins was the straw that broke Koch's back but the emergence of an energized Black vote goes back to the Koch administration. Koch's demonization of his own mayoralty contributed to his downfall.

There was, among other things, the closing of Sydenham Hospital and charges of systemic police terrorism, including the state-sponsored fatal beating of Michael Stewart. There was also Mayor Ed Koch's attack on the presidential campaign of Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Many ingredients are missing from the mayoral campaign of William Thompson. If Blacks understood, however, that this election is a referendum on the return of a constructive timocracy in New York, and, therefore, a return to slavery, Black voters may be inspired to turn up in big numbers in November.

Mayor Bloomberg is the biggest fraud that has ever slept in Gracie Mansion. While he claims that his salary is only $1, he was the only person among the 20 richest persons in the world last year to avoid going into the red. His haul last year was $4.5 billion. Anyone would trade in a nominal mayor's salary for this kind of loot.