White lawyer defames Brawley and Maddox

Jr. | 4/12/2011, 4:40 p.m.

When I refused to reveal my work product and to snitch against my client amid trial of a 67-count indictment, the war was on. I was permanently suspended from the practice of law on May 21, 1990. Disbarment without due process occurred in or about 2006.

Actually, a whistleblower should be protected under the First Amendment. Pagones' defamation lawsuit should have been laughed out of court. A whistleblower is entitled to an absolute privilege against defamation.

In New York, the three branches of government, stood solidly behind Pagones. The late Assemblyman Neil Kelleher, a close friend of Gov. David Paterson and a leading Republican, was the lead complainant in the disciplinary complaint against me.

A real detective could connect the dots between Kelleher, Paterson, former Sen. Alphonse D'Amato, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and former Gov. Geroge Pataki. This connection has infuriated President Barack Obama. Gov. Paterson is "running with the hares and hunting with the hounds."

Gov. Paterson has the legal authority to reinstate me to the practice of law with no questions asked. Gov. Mario Cuomo exercised this authority to reinstate Michael Dowd to the practice of law after he had been fingered for being involved, criminally, in the parking violations scandal.

Mario Cuomo said that he would not allow Dowd and his family to starve. Cuomo had just caused my suspension from the practice of law. Dowd is back in the legal saddle. Cuomo also created a state agency for Dowd to head.

A pathologist found that Crist was murdered. This confirmed my claim and exposed Abrams as a liar. A grand juror has submitted an affidavit saying that Abrams violated the law by writing the grand jury report himself. In it, he, and not the grand jury, stated that Tawana had committed a "hoax." A petit jury, in 1998, exonerated me of all Pagones' defamation claims.

Prof. Monroe Freedman of Hofstra University Law School and a leading expert on legal ethics testified that my refusal to violate the attorney-client privilege upheld the legal profession's finest traditions. The late Prof. Kellis Parker of Columbia University Law School testified that my suspension was racist.

An interracial group of witnesses testified about my excellent reputation in the legal profession. They included Administrative Justice Joan Carey; the late Justice Bruce Wright, a fearless judge and author of "Black Robes, White Justice"; the late William Kunstler, legendary civil and human rights advocate; and Councilman Charles Barron, a former client, legislator and human rights activist.

Our problem is mental illiteracy. Blacks are unable to read the U.S. Constitution. Instead, we prefer to hallucinate and fight a "mythical devil." Black preachers are leading us on a wild goose chase. By endorsing Mayor Michael Bloomberg, they have become political prostitutes.

The 13th Amendment created a halfway house for "newly emancipated Africans." Initially, all Blacks went into a halfway house, as opposed to a concentration camp. Those Blacks who, afterward, suffered a felony conviction went back into slavery. Forward never! Backward ever!

Except for Councilman Charles Barron, no "leading Black" has ever expressed any concern about my ability to secure food, clothing and shelter. The only crime that I committed was representing them pro bono. My suspension is the big payback.