Whites shot in Bed-Stuy; media cover up?

Nayaba Arinde | 4/12/2011, 5:32 p.m.

Three white men were shot in a Bed-Stuy apartment building in the morning of April 15.

The perpetrators were reportedly Black men.

A story in itself, but another one would be that the story was not reported in the news, while the police department released the most basic of information, but it was like pulling teeth.

"I find it interesting that three white guys got shot in our gentrified neighborhood--and it's allegedly drug-related--and it's not plastered all over the media," said City Councilman Charles Barron, "and yet when Blacks get involved in wilding according to the mayor and the media, they're animals, they're thugs. And yet three whites are shot in an alleged drug-related incident and we hear nothing about it. All we're saying is, let's play the game by the same set of rules. Where was the outcry?"

Of course, the streets are always talking, and shortly after the mid-morning shooting, details filtered through to the AmNews newsroom.

According to several sources, three white drug dealers came from out of state, attempted to set up shop in an apartment on Putnam Avenue, between Marcy and Nostrand avenues, and were shot by at least one Black man.

An AmNews reader called the paper to ask about what happened. The paper strove to find out.

Days after an e-mail was sent to them, the NYPD press office responded to a request for information. The press department issued the following: "On 04/15/10 at 1152 hrs, police responded to 303 Putnam Avenue, in the confines of the 79 Pct, to investigate three (3) males shot. Three M/W [male white] victims (victim No. 1 is a M/W/35, shot in the back, victim No. 2 is a M/W/24 shot in the chest and victim No. 3 is a M/W/30 that was shot in the back) were removed to Kings County Hospital with apparent gunshot wounds. The suspects are described as M/B."

Classified as "unlikelies [to expire]," the department refused to comment further.

On Tuesday of this week, Police Officer Otero called the paper in response to another AmNews e-mail.

"There have been no arrests," said Otero, confirming that three male whites were shot.

The AmNews asked, does the NYPD have any comment regarding the story that these men came from Rhode Island to sell drugs from the apartment?

"No. It is an ongoing investigation," said Otero.

The paper then asked, have there been any arrests made in this case?


While one law enforcement officer asked why the paper was even doing the story and was told that the paper received numerous queries, he insisted that a Black male and two white males lived in the apartment building and were shot trying to buy marijuana and then were robbed.

But rumors hit the street immediately, from it being a "cop-on-cop shooting," to the white boys coming down from Boston to sell Ecstasy in Bed-Stuy.

While the police department refused to confirm the report, Albert Vann, a former assemblyman and the current City Councilman for Bedford-Stuyvesant, said that the three white men came from Rhode Island.