Who can you trust?

Marcus Henry | 4/12/2011, 4:38 p.m.

By now there isn't a competent person in this country who hasn't heard about Manny Ramirez' 50-game suspension.

Ramirez' suspension is just another reason why we need to stop treating athletes and entertainers with God-like reverence. They are human just like everyone else, which means some are good and some are bad.

There's nothing wrong with marveling at the high level of agility and hand-eye coordination professional athletes display. Watching LeBron James find the open man after drawing a triple team or witnessing Kobe Bryant drain a fadeaway jumper with two guys in his face is fun.

But that's where the line needs to be drawn. Once these guys are off the field of play, who knows what they are into. Bryant, whose high-profile rape case nearly ended his career and took away his freedom, is a prime example. Although he has done a masterful job rebuilding his image. He'll never live down the fact that he cheated on his wife and almost ended up in jail because of it.

How about Rae Carruth? The former Carolina Panthers wide receiver is serving a 20-year sentence for conspiring to murder his pregnant girlfriend. Former Los Angeles Rams defensive back Darryl Henley is serving a 41-year sentence for cocaine trafficking and trying to hire a contract killer to murder the judge who presided over his case.

Ray Lewis, Jim Leyritz, Leonard Little, Donte Stallworth, Robert Blake, O.J. Simpson, etc... The list goes on and on of athletes and entertainers who haven't lived right or have made terrible decisions. It has even spread onto the NASCAR circuit. Jeremy Mayfield was suspended indefinitely by NASCAR after testing positive for a banned substance.

Need someone to look up to? Try giving your parents a hug.