Cash Michaels | 4/12/2011, 4:34 p.m.

African-Americans also want improved healthcare to address rising rates of diabetes, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, cancer and access to affordable universal healthcare insurance.

Rep. Jackson Lee says blacks must also vote to "restructure" the criminal justice so that it not only fairly punishes those who commit crimes, but also rehabilitates those who deserve a second chance.

Given how African-Americans are voting in North Carolina thus far, Rep. Jackson Lee says the hunger for change is definitely in the air.

"The African-American population is really helping North Carolina to be that North Carolina really is," the Texas congresswoman said.

"So actually I think North Carolina is a bellwether state, a state that can set the tone. With [black and other diverse voters], and voting as high as they are voting, I think what North Carolina can show America is not only that change is coming, but a new America is coming where states are no longer down South or up North, [but] states are just simply America, wanting the best for their families."

"I look forward to living in a time when we can actually constructively work as a Congress with a solid majority and a president, if all goes well on November 4th, to work to make America greater and greater," Jackson Lee said.