You gotta prove it to me Bama

PAUL GRENADA | 4/12/2011, 4:34 p.m.

There is a little known legend regarding former San Francisco 49er wide receiver Jerry Rice. It takes place at the start of the second or third year in his career. He had just come off a pretty good statistical season, working his way into becoming considered an elite wideout. Walking through the tunnel and out to his home field in California, he notices one lone fan, sitting there staring at him. The two lock eyes, and the man says, "You gotta prove it to me Jerry, you gotta prove it to me." Yeah, it's good enough score a few touchdowns, and make a few highlights, but Jerry Rice would have to do that for more than just one season to gain true respect. Rice took those words and buried it somewhere in the back of him mind, fueling an already maniacal desire to be the best and becoming the unquestioned best player at his position in NFL history.

I'm feeling like that guy in the stands right about now.

That's not to say I don't respect the man. He's the President of the United States of America, that's kind of a big deal. He beat one of the strongest families in politics to get the democratic nomination, then a former POW, in a nation where war seems like a good idea for a video game. But, he still has to prove it to me. He has to prove to me the hype machine that changed American politics for a few months and turned Jim Crow over in his grave really has some substance to it. Winning the election was a major victory, but it did not win the war.

That's not to say I'm going to make it hard for him, as it stands some news outlets are waiting for him to wear white after labor day and use that as an excuse to call him a dirty commie. As the days go by he is going to realize that he's got a weight on his back that makes Atlas wonder, "what bet did he loose?" And if that wasn't enough, he has the hopes and dreams of an entire ethnic group riding on his success. It's on thing to be a mom supporting her son at a soccer game; it's another to go "if you loose, the whole family looses." And that may just be the case for him.

I'm not that kind of guy. In fact I don't see very much happening in these four years, and that's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking to see a president who will make mistakes, but then own up to them, learn from them and not make them again. I'm looking for a president that doesn't call himself humble, just lives a life that makes other people give him the label. I don't expect sweeping changes. I don't expect to turn on CNN to see crusty old white men thrown out of the Washington with a shoe print on their back that says "OBAMA".