Zongo outruns Edwards and Burress

Jr. | 4/12/2011, 4:40 p.m.

In 1985, Louis Clayton Jones, C. Vernon Mason and myself, among others, devised a political strategy to defeat Morgenthau in the September primary. Mason was our candidate. He garnered nearly forty percent of the vote against Morgenthau. The police-killing of Michael Stewart had prompted this political campaign. Within 10 years, none of us would be practicing law in New York.

This is the price that Black attorneys must pay for according effective legal representation to the Black community. Effective legal representation for Blacks has always preceded effective political representation. See the achievements of Robert Morris, Sr. in Boston. He laid the groundwork for Brown v. Board of Education.

Leading Blacks are aware of our legal efforts. Nonetheless, they have chosen to do the political moonwalk. None of them will demand our reinstatement to practice law. They have cashed in their womanhood and their manhood for 30 pieces of silver. Sellouts are cheap bids on auction blocks.

Since George Boyer Vashon became the first Black person to practice law in New York, every other outspoken Black lawyer in New York has been sent packing from courtrooms. The lack of legal and political representation for Blacks means that slavery is still in effect in New York.

Conscious persons of African ancestry will be celebrating the birthday of Marcus Mosiah Garvey on August 17.For these times, he will be remembered by these words: "A people without power and authority is a people without respect." These words describe our plight in a nutshell. "Up, you mighty race. You can accomplish what you will."

Sept.2--UAM resumes its weekly forums at Elks Plaza,1068 Fulton Harriet Tubman (Fulton Street) near Classon Avenue in Brooklyn. Take the "C" train to Franklin Avenue.

Sept.19--The historic, inaugural meeting of the Freedom Party in Buffalo, which was also the site of the formation of the Free Soil Party in 1848.No political voice for Blacks exists in the United States. Become a charter member of the Freedom Party. Attend this historic convention.

Oct.10-11--Overnight bus trip with hotel lodgings for "Blacks in Wax Museum "in Baltimore and "Nile Valley on the Potomac" field trip in Washington, D.C. For further information, call UAM at (718) 834-9034.

See: www.reinstatealtonmaddox.net.