Hail the mighty plant

4/15/2011, 3:44 p.m.

Put a plant on your desk and feel happier, enjoy better health and be more productive. Wolverton recommends office workers should have at least one plant in their "personal breathing space" where most of the work is done to effectively remove indoor pollutants. Wolverton suggests two areca palms or lady palms should remove sufficient VOCs to significantly improve the indoor air quality in a room.

Snake plants, broad sword ferns and rubber plants are among the top 10 air purifiers recommended by experts. They're easy to grow, are natural humidifiers and remove airborne chemicals. Other green heroes are chrysanthemums, Gerbera daisies and spider plants.

Location, location, location

"Which plant you choose, and where you place your plants is important to reap optimum benefits," says Rimland.

Consider the light, humidity, and temperature of your indoor spaces to determine the best choices for your home. Put a Majesty Palm in your living room, fern in the family room and peace lilies in the kitchen. Add golden pothos or heart leaf philodendron for beauty and maximum air cleansing benefits.

In your fast-paced life, plant-filled rooms help keep you in touch with nature and as Wolverton asserts, "Just the ability to view living plants enhances our psychological and physiological well-being."

He recommends that for homes and offices, you should "place as many plants as space and lighting will allow."

To learn more about the fascinating world of indoor houseplants, visit www.O2foryou.org.