A Gregory Harris's fat wednesday, Tawan Davis'd development engine, Brandy's guest appearance and is Janet Jackson getting married?

Charles B. Rodgers | 8/10/2011, 6:50 p.m.

A. Gregory Harris to present "Laid to Rest" preview at fat wednesday's dinner theatre Party:

Creole Restaurant and Music Supper Club is offering a dinner theater presentation of a new-school musical comedy entitled "Laid to Rest" by award-winning and performing activist Arnold Pinnix, aka A. Gregory Harris.

"Fat Wednesdays" is when the 45-minute preview of the show will be offered to groups and tourists only. This concept is designed to cover all production costs for the development of a new Broadway musical and give selected audiences an understanding of the producing process.

Funeral home directors and staff members throughout the area will be invited to have dinner and preview the show as potential investors. Managing Director Kevin Walters invites all groups to participate in the Creole Restaurant and Music Supper Club experience, Tuesday through Sunday, with a lineup of musical talent that "Can't Be Beat."

Cast members include Harris in the lead role of the New Orleans funeral director allowed to come back to life and relive the moment when he was named "Undertaker of the Year in 1919." Meanwhile, hit tunes include "Life in a Funeral Home," "It's a Livin'," "Need'n to be Needed," "Someone to Love Me," "Early Grave" and "Colored Cool & Calm," the title song "Laid to Rest" and "Half Way House to the Sky.

Harris is a former 98.7 KISS FM personality. He hosted "Numerology Tuesdays" for the KISS "Wake Up Club." He is the director of arts and culture for the National Action Network, which is headed by the Rev. Al Sharpton.

The musical is designed to celebrate life New Orleans-style, while Creole Restaurant and Music Supper Club brings you the flavor of this exciting city-all this in the heart of Harlem!

To make group reservations for "Fat Wednesday" Dinner Theatre Party, which features a three-course meal:

Creole Restaurant is located at 2157 Third Ave. at 118th Street in New York, N.Y.

Tawan Davis tapped by NYC to lead major economic and real estate development engine:

Tawan W. Davis has joined the New York City Economic Development Corporation as a vice president in the real estate transactions group. The corporation leads the major economic and real estate development initiatives throughout the city of New York. It developed such big-ticket projects as the redevelopment of the Yankee Stadium area, the revitalization of much of Harlem and the rebuilding of the World Trade Center.

Working with highly skilled professionals within the real estate transactions group, Davis will lead teams that analyze, structure, finance and execute New York's major development ideas. He also will play a key role in making the case for economic and real estate development to public and private stakeholders. Initially, Davis will focus on structuring and executing elements of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's public-private partnership platform.

Davis began his career as an investment banker with Goldman Sachs and later became an investor and asset manager with Prudential Investment Management. His time at Prudential included a two-year stretch in the firm's London office, where he managed private equity investments across Europe and spearheaded a review of Prudential's subordinated real estate debt investment strategy. During his career, he has participated in billions of dollars worth of financings, mergers and acquisitions and has managed several billion dollars of private equity and real estate investments.