August 11-August 19, 2011

Astro | 8/10/2011, 2:02 p.m.
  • Soul Affirmation: New intuitions create new plans and a new cast of characters.
  • Lucky Numbers: 7, 16, 25


Your self-discipline helps you to do more this week. People will be watching as you zip around with style and grace! Broaden your cultural horizons by trying new foods and meeting new people-you'll be pleasantly surprised!

  • Soul Affirmation: I am patient with all that comes my way this week.
  • Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 14


The urge to chase a tangent may be strong this week. Take a few minutes to study the big picture and make sure any whims serve the bigger purpose. It's a good week to do what needs to be done.

  • Soul Affirmation: Luck is my best friend this week.
  • Lucky Numbers: 5, 10, 15


You'll be full of good ideas this week, so make sure you write down the ones you don't have time to put into action. You'll want to share your thoughts on a grand scale, and your mind will seem truly universal to you. Try to be patient with those who are staggered by your brilliance.

  • Soul Affirmation: Light from my soul shines in many directions.
  • Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 9


This week, let your gentle spirit shine through. Your rough and tumble side is not appropriate for the relationships that you'll encounter. Someone will need your understanding and sympathy. Give it with sensitivity.

  • Soul Affirmation: My life itself is my greatest creation.
  • Lucky Numbers: 30, 37, 44