Starting college means growth plus learning

MARQUITA AMOAH Special to the AmNews | 8/24/2011, 6:33 p.m.

Candace Seda is starting her first year at Georgia Institute of Technology. She is 18 years old and will be studying architecture.

As she prepared to head off to school, she gave some insight to the new chapter in her life.

"I am excited about taking classes that I am interested and excited for. I also enjoy meeting new people." Seda explained.

College is an exciting time for young adults. And as back-to-school time arrives and it's almost time for the first class of the year, it's time for college 101.

It can seem like an intimidating and nerve-wracking experience, but there are some tips that will go a long way for incoming college freshman. These important tips will make the college transition smoother.

Seda has some advice that many new college students would not necessarily assume:

* Make sure to register for classes early. Many students often end up having to take classes in their senior year that could have been avoided freshman year.

* When registering for classes, keep scheduling in mind; morning classes are not for everyone.

* Make sure to be prepared with books for each class.

* Most importantly, when it comes to academics, STUDY! Study as much as possible. College is different from high school and involves a major amount of responsibility.

Apart from the academics, a social life is just as important when entering college. Seda shared some very basic guidance to having a social life: "Meet friends early on in college, before classes start. It makes the college transition easier."

The two most important factors for a healthy college experience are time management and balance. And with a social life comes the responsibilities of living and practicing a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Excessive drinking and partying will affect academics and defeat the main purpose of attending college-and besides, drinking is not legal until you are 21.

Now that academics and social life have been addressed, it is time to talk about money. College is not an inexpensive expenditure. Learning how to budget while in school is very important. Always have an emergency fund, and budget to allow some splurges to occur later on in college life.

Now here is the test review! Do not bring a whole house worth of luggage to school. Stay healthy, safe and focused. Balance the amount of fun that one person can have. Do not spend your life savings in one semester.

Class is officially dismissed. Have fun at college!