Trump proves you need not be smart to be rich

Richard Carter | 8/24/2011, 3:40 p.m.
"Once you've heard the truth, everything else is just cheap whiskey..."--R. Lee Ermey, "Switchback" (1997)...
Colony Records was my place for original Black R&B

On the other hand, the egomaniac persona of the plain-speaking Trump--a wannabe Republican presidential candidate who never held public office--is festooned with negatives. Nobody can doubt his business acumen and success, especially in New York, but his know-it-all rich boy attitude turns off multitudes. I won't even mention his hair.

Trump is so full of himself he feels his top-rated "Celebrity Apprentice" TV show on NBC, brazen threats directed towards China and Iran and vicious put-downs of Obama qualify him for consideration as a presidential candidate. In addition, he probably feels his three beautiful blonde wives and a beautiful blonde daughter give him the perfect anti-Obama image.

Why did Trump bolt his Democratic leanings to become a Republican? And why did he proudly say "motherf--er" several times during a recent, high-profile speech? And why did he use the term "the Blacks" when talking about African-Americans? Ugh!

Finally, I firmly believe Black people in New York won't forget how Trump got with the Central Park Jogger rape case in 1989. I was with the New York Daily News at the time and wrote often about the assault on the white jogger, Trisha Meili.

In my editorials and on "Showdown"--the national TV show on CNBC I co-hosted with the late Morton Downey Jr.--I took Trump to task for his full-page ads in the city's white newspapers calling for the death penalty for five accused Black and Latino teens. Although innocent, each was convicted and served eight to 13 years in prison. They were vindicated in 2002 when the real rapist confessed, and are currently suing the city for $250 million.

Trump has yet to apologize for these scurrilous ads, which bordered on racism. This part of his past may be unknown to independents or Republicans nationally, but should be.

Bottom line: Obama should ignore the phony Trump--who should stick to real estate and leave real politics to real people with real smarts. And that's the name of that tune.