Despite Handschu law, enforcement agencies continue probes

DHORUBA BIN WAHAD | 8/31/2011, 5:44 p.m.

Indeed, the mosques are full but devoid of community leadership. Now that "all the Jacks are in the boxes" and a Negro is in the White House, there still is no scent of resistance to the excesses of the police state and no credible challenge raised against the political power of the police and their arrogant, smug attitudes of power.

When Cynthia McKinney was on the Hill, some Black activists proposed to her that the issue of the unfinished business of the Church Committee be taken up by the CBC. She agreed, but the CBC shot that proposal down.

Maybe Jesse Jackson was running for the HNIC mantle at the time, and re-examining all the excesses under the pit bull Hoover administration would seem less than patriotic. God forbid a Black man appear less than patriotic!

Ironically, this is the same attitude of the current HNIC ensconced in the White House when it comes to the excesses of the Bush regime. "No investigation, no right to criticize!"

We ultimately get the leaders we deserve and the legacy we ignore. Maybe the next time around we will be more considerate of those who gave their lives to defend us from the excesses of the state-if there is a next time. Who was it that said during the rise of the Nazis, "If they come for me in the morning, they will come for you in the night"?

Well, homeboy, it's nighttime in America!