Hampton Happenings

The Cosmopolitan Review YVONNE DELANEY MITCHELL | 8/31/2011, 3:44 p.m.

The happenings in the Hamptons continue with one soiree after the other.

Baby Birthday Party:

Kendall and Tracey James, daughter and son-in-law of Alma and the late Ron Brown, hosted a delightful birthday party for their son Kaleb, who turned a precious 2 years old. There with big sis Harmon were several other little children to run around their absolutely beautiful Sag Harbor estate, including:

  • Kevin Keeys
  • Julia Mitchell
  • Ada Brook.

Mommies and daddies included:

  • Trey and Hillary Van Cleef
  • Charline and Warren Goins
  • Hope Brook, Artis Hill
  • Marissa Keeys
  • Father Daryl James, who is headed up to the Vineyard on Aug. 21 and will remain until shortly after Labor Day
  • Tony and Pam James, up from Egg Harbor, NJ.
  • Rainy James, who always looks perfect for every occasion.

On the menu were:

  • hamburgers
  • frankfurters
  • make-your-own sandwiches with chicken or tuna salad on a croissant (yum)
  • fresh fruit salad
  • green salad
  • birthday cake
  • lemonade for the kiddies
  • Veuve Clicquot for you-know-who.

Russell's Benefit:

By now, you do know that Russell Simmons hosted his annual benefit to raise money to support arts education for inner-city children at his East Hampton estate. Over 300 people attended and partied in his fully air-conditioned tent under the stars. Jennifer Hudson performed live for everyone's entertainment pleasure. But did you know that ex-wife Kimora was there with her new husband and the kids? Of course everything was civil-this is Russell we're talking about. One love, y'all.

A Tte-a-tte

Keeping things cozy was Bunny Ledford, who, along with her companion, Eric Coleman, hosted a tte-a-tte to celebrate the birthdays of Chester Redhead (Aug. 1) and his wife Gladys (July 29). Chester and Gladys, as you may know, have been married for over 50 years, which is as long as Chester has been practicing dentistry. However, at long last he has decided to retire-not from his marriage, heaven forbid, but from his practice.

The ladies who lunch met at the home of Olivia White for a scrumptious meal as her aunt, Joy Cooke, hosted. The ladies lingered well into the afternoon as all of the topics of the day were covered one by one. Looking lovely, I must say, were Joy, adorned in lavender, and Harriet DeLaney, in a long, fuschia dress with large yellow flowers and wide-brimmed hat. Both were mighty cool for a hot summer's day.

A-One Affair

The Boule soiree held at B. Smith's was an A-One affair, but you knew it would be. Our hosts were Seymour James, president of the New York State Bar Association and his lovely wife, Appellate Court Judge Cheryl Chambers. All of your favorite Sag Harborites were there, including:

  • Dr. Daniel, former president of North General Hospital, and his wife
  • Thelma Dye, with her husband Carlton and sister Janice
  • Jean Jordan, deputy director of Nursing at Harlem Hospital, off to Cancun for two weeks
  • Nola Whiteman, off to the Vineyard
  • Karen Selsey, also off to the Vineyard, but only for one day to attend the luncheon hosted by the Girlfriends
  • Mel Jackson
  • Sharon Simmons, who conducted the art exhibit with some fabulous pieces
  • Barry Stanley
  • Theresa Manning
  • Candice Simmons
  • Robin Leech
  • Steve and Barbara Williams
  • Tim Crawford, up from Philly
  • Ethel Thompson
  • Alexander Dent, son of the late Rodney Dent, a charming young man who knew everyone
  • the Arringtons
  • the Jordens
  • the Skeets
  • Susan Taylor, who is as gracious as they come along, with her husband Keifer, president of the Boule, who was looking mighty dapper in his sombero
  • and others just too festive to mention.