Is today's news media really telling it like it is?

Richard Carter | 8/31/2011, 4:54 p.m.
"What good is the truth if it doesn't sound true?..."-Rex Harrison, "The Long Dark Hall"...
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Walsh shot back: "Try one at a time, Chris."

Then Mathews tried to intimidate him by browbeating, which he always does with conservatives. Walsh countered: "I'm not an artist and this is not performance art.

"This is what you do on your show, Chris," he added. "You bully guests, Chris. You are so out of touch, Chris." When Matthews said Obama was trying to be reasonable on debt negotiations, Walsh countered, "The American people are beyond you, Chris. They want us to do something important."

As a flustered Matthews discourteously interrupted, as usual-and tried to change the subject-Walsh stood his ground and fired back: "This is why a lot of people don't come on your show, Chris. Because it tends to be childish, Chris."

Clearly shaken, Matthews asked Walsh if he will resign if the GOP's balanced budget amendment bill, which passed in the House, is defeated in the Senate. "What kind of silly question is that?" Walsh shot back, "Will you resign if it does pass?"

Walsh's coup de grace came by recalling Matthews' goofy comment about "getting a thrill up my leg" as he listened to a speech by Obama. He added, "Obama doesn't send a thrill up my leg, Chris. And if anyone should be accused of wasting time, it is the president, who did nothing on this issue for six months."

Walsh concluded by telling Matthews that he was more reasonable "before you got caught up in this president. You need to be more objective, but I love it."

Insight into the disgusting Matthews and the disgusting Bill Maher of HBO's phony "Real Time" appeared in a recent letter-to-the-editor in the New York Post: To wit:

"Chris Matthews didn't think it was a big deal that the Army knew that the Fort Hood shooter was emailing Anwar Al-Alwaki before the attack and did nothing about it. Bill Maher thought that his friend, the unprincipled Arianna Huffington, was the answer to all the corrupting influences in American politics. Neither Palin nor Bachmann ever said anything this stupid. If Bachmann is a 'balloon head,' her IQ must still be about 80 points higher than Matthews and Maher's."

Bottom line: While there's a lot wrong with today's news media and its people, the high-profile humiliation of part of Rupert Murdoch's empire should offer everyone hope.