2012: An upheaval of monumental proportions

Armstrong Williams | 12/29/2011, 2:09 p.m.

Rep. Nan Hayworth: Unless you're roaming Washington's halls, you may not have heard of this congresswoman, but she's impressive. A medical doctor by background, Hayworth is a formidable legislator whose star promises only to rise next year as "Obamacare" moves closer to implementation.

Justice Clarence Thomas: The man is an oak. Period. As the Supreme Court prepares to hear key items in the president's signature health law, expect Thomas to be prominently featured and scrutinized. And yet his demeanor will not change on the bench: He will adjudicate and rule based on his strict constructionist interpretation of the Constitution. That's all we should expect of a man so distinguished.

Rev. Billy Graham: For the latter half of the 20th century, this Baptist preacher from the foothills of North Carolina has been spreading the good news of the Bible throughout the world. He's counseled presidents back to Eisenhower, all of whom sought his godly wisdom. And in the winter of his life, should he step onto the other side of the River Jordan, I suspect it will awaken a new era. America is so uniquely positioned for revival; if it happens, it should commemorate the unimpeachable life of Graham.

House and Senate: House Republicans will lose seats but retain their majority. Senate Democrats will lose their majority to Republicans. The moves will result in the departure of both Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid from their leadership perches. It will be time for new blood in the Democratic caucuses.

President Obama: Obama will continue his federal empowerment plans through 2012. He will continue blaming the current statistics of the struggling economy on former Bush policies. The president will continue a divisive campaign of class warfare and blame shifting. If the Republicans can choose a solid opponent, Obama will be defeated by a landslide.

If Obama somehow manages to save the economy despite his ineffectual policies, we will get him for another term.

However, if he fails and his gamble to save Europe fails miserably, like many think he has and will continue to do, it is likely that we will see a Republican in the White House.

The 2012 presidential race is Obama's to lose-it is really that simple.

The GOP field: Look for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to secure the GOP nomination for president next summer in Tampa. It will be a long, tough winter for the Romney campaign. He will lose Iowa to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. But he will right his ship and finish strong there, carrying his massive war chest to a win in New Hampshire, and doing well in the South. Rick Perry will continue to fade and be out by the end of February, not for lack of money, but simply because he will have failed to catch any fire from conservatives. Gingrich is the new flavor of the month, but his past will continue to haunt him. And Democrats will simply be unable to control themselves, launching early salvos against him that should awaken Republicans. Gingrich won't secure the nomination because the 2012 elections will not and should not be about a Republican. Instead, it should be about the failed policies of a Democrat, Obama.

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