New York Pest again!

HERB BOYD Special to the AmNews | 7/20/2011, 3:10 p.m.

Williams, in the mind of many, is one of the last people in New York to need any character references; his works and many accomplishments speak louder than any words. But the moment this story broke, a number of outraged folks called the Amsterdam News in support of Williams, to vouch for his integrity and longstanding commitment to the development of Harlem and New York City.

One of the first to respond was Council member Inez E. Dickens. "Lloyd Williams has been an effective force in The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce for many years. In my view, New York City in general and Harlem in particular owes Lloyd Williams a debt that we can never repay, for he has fought for economic development projects, more jobs for our communities and he has been an advocate voice for inclusion of MWBE's in procurement throughout the City and the State of New York.

"Moreover," said Dickens, who is also the Assistant Deputy Majority Leader, "Lloyd has been a tireless civil and human rights leader to insure that African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans and Caribbean-Americans uptown and in other communities across this city, state and country have equitable access to every resource that is granted to Main Street or, as you would say, 'mainstream America.'"

Several others insisted that compared to other leaders of city and a state cultural institutions, Williams, if anything, is being grossly underpaid. "What his company was able to earn in four years, other similar organizations around the city and the state make that much in six weeks," said a resident of Harlem, who chose not to give her name. "On this matter, I just consider the source and it's nothing more than the New York Pest up its usual shenanigans of divide and conquer."

They have obviously selected Lloyd Williams to be their "Black attack" flavor of the month.