Beat the heat! Ways to stay cool during the heat wave.

LaQuan Bell Special Corespondent to the AmNews | 7/21/2011, 2:17 p.m.
Beat the heat! Ways to stay cool during the heat wave.

Summer in New York City can be a blessing. But when temperatures reach the triple digits with high humidity, conditions become suffocating, this season can seem like a curse. But summer in New York can be more enjoyable if you know how to stay cool and beat the heat.

The Nation Weather Service has issued a weather advisory for the New York, Tri-State area. With the temperature in next several days expected to reach well above the 90 degree mark, seniors and young children are urged to stay indoors and to keep cool.

But we cant all stay indoors all the time and for the New Yorkers who have to endure the heat, water is the key to staying hydrated and cool.

Senior citizens are encouraged to go to local cooling centers (community and senior citizen buildings) where air conditioning, food and water are provided. Parents are also recommended to keep babies and toddlers in the house, with air conditioning.

For the heat lovers who want something to do to keep cool other than staying indoors, the city has a lot of inexpensive ways for you to have fun in the sun while also keeping cool.

There are a plethora of public beaches and swimming pools throughout the city that are open to anyone who want frolic in the sun, catch a tan, or to cool off.

You can hop on the F or D train to Coney Island and ride Dino's Ferris Wheel, have a funnel cake, eat a world famous Nathan's hotdog, play in the arcade, or walk the boardwalk to feel the nice ocean breeze.

Venture the waterfront of Queens overlooking the Manhattan skyline at the "Water Taxi Beach" where adults can enjoy a nice cocktail while getting their feet in sand or dipping in the water. The biggest advice of all is: drink lots of water to stay hydrated!