Quality education for all

ELINOR TATUM Publisher and Editor in Chief | 6/8/2011, 4:51 p.m.

Our mission should be to provide 100 percent of our students with quality textbooks and resources. All of our students need access to physical education and time in libraries. We need clean, fully functioning schools, not just one floor out of four. We need to create a high quality education system for all of our students-not just some.

This is not anti-charter, it is anti-injustice. The lawsuit that has been filed is not about charter schools-it's about creating a good education system for all students and making sure that parents have a say in what happens in their children's schools.

We need good schools and we need them now, but shutting down schools and letting charters take their place is not the answer. We need the DOE to once and for all make a decision, working alongside the parents, the teachers, unions and principals to create a fair and equitable system that works not just for the favored few but for the many.

Let's make education a joy, a place where students, teachers and principals are happy to go to learn and work every day. We are not just fighting for space-we are fighting for the future of our kids. Let's make their schools safe, productive and equal. Let's make education better.