The high cost of killing Osama and Saddam

COUNCIL MEMBER CHARLES BARRON | 5/25/2011, 9:23 a.m.

Now they're trying to kill Gaddafi! This madness must stop. Remember, when Russia was in Afghanistan, President Ronald Reagan called bin Laden an "Afghani freedom fighter." When Hussein was fighting against Iran and the Ayatollah Khomeini, he was an American ally. America supplied both of these men with the weapons with which to fight their wars. This is American hypocrisy at its worst and it will only lead to more confusion and life-threatening confrontations.

Let me close by sharing this moving, passionate experience with a young child in my district.

I was walking home from my District Office in East New York, Brooklyn, last week when a group of children (ages 10 to 14) called me from across the street. One of the girls approached me and said, "Charles Barron, they killed that guy and now the Arabs are angry." I said to her, "You mean Osama bin Laden." She replied, "Yes, they are going to get us back. My friends are afraid to go into the Arab stores now, but I told them they won't hurt us."

I replied confidently to ease her fear, "You're right; the people in the store are not going to hurt you." That day, I couldn't help but think that this young girl, in her innocence, was just as fearful and concerned as others about America's foreign policy. Out of the mouths of babes: "They are going to get us back." What message is being sent to our children?

It's time to demand justice, respect for humanity and world peace. This is the only way to bring safety, security and prosperity to the planet. Let's get busy!