Thoughts from Pastor Mike

PASTOR MICHAEL WALDRON | 5/25/2011, 9:23 a.m.

After the president announced the death of bin Laden, many around the country erupted in spontaneous celebration. Outside the White House, crowds gathered, chanting, "USA, USA, USA." It was a patriotic moment for many, including myself, but my conflict existed because while there was jubilation outside the White House, I remembered that there are many in this country who, just a few days before, questioned whether the president was even an American citizen.

It appeared that the president, like many African-Americans, had to prove he was part of this country. Apparently, his title did not even make him immune from a painful reality of African-American existence: the longing to belong.

May 1 came and went, and today Osama bin Laden is dead. Nevertheless, terrorists are still plotting, the earth is still yearning to breathe free and America is still trying to overcome her contradictions. I pray for the day when life, not death, can be seen as that which makes the world better.

Now is the time to choose life, because our cultural fixation on death will be the death of us all. Oh, and for those who have constantly confused Obama with Osama, the confusion can be eliminated if the former is simply called, "Mr. President!"