MoMA honors 'Filmmaker in Focus: Euzhan Palcy'

MISANI Special to the AmNews | 5/27/2011, 2:03 p.m.
"She is talented. She is intellectual. She is incredibly articulate. She is a very beautiful...
MoMA honors 'Filmmaker in Focus: Euzhan Palcy'

That's when destiny stepped in and the stars lined up. "When you came to talk to Ron and me, I was very excited because I knew it would be my opportunity to explore her other works," Morra said, recalling my early meeting with the two assistant curators in December of 2008 to pitch a MoMA/Palcy film program.

"The real treasure is reconnecting with the work, and that is something that Ron and I have had the luxury of doing-watching Euzhan's films again, watching them in this sort of unfolding story and then also being able to articulate why her films are the kind of films we want to show at MoMA. That has been our dream as curators," she continued.

Commenting on the reaction of the MoMA audience, Morra said, "During the screenings of Palcy's films, the audience have been totally engaged and visibly moved. Ron and I are very happy with the outcome of the exhibition." Magliozzi shared, "'Simeon' and 'Brides...' were very well received. Folks were literally dancing in the aisle at the end of 'Simeon.'"

In concluding, Morra revealed, "We are very happy that this has come to fruition. Euzhan's films don't get seen very much and this is an opportunity to look at her body of work and how a filmmaker develops-that's something that we at MoMA really try to do: look in depth at the work of the filmmaker."

And with the closing credits, we proudly present a Casting Pearls Director Extraordinaire Award to Ms. Euzhan Palcy for her acclaimed, trailblazing body of films. Bravo!

We also proudly present the Museum of Modern Art with a Casting Pearls Innovative Award for Promoting Culture and Diversity with programs such as "Filmmaker in Focus: Euzhan Palcy." We would also like to acknowledge and thank MoMA's film acquisition committee for voting to purchase new 35mm prints of "Sugar Cane Alley" and "Simeon" to be added to their permanent collection. Thank you, MoMA! This is major and very significant! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

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Please join the Caribbean Lingo! series in June for Caribbean Heritage Month when we continue the dialogue with Morra's as it touches upon the important themes of Palcy's work as a groundbreaking filmmaker, from an international perspective-Caribbean, African, American and French-as well as Palcy's unique position as a woman making films.

The "Casting Pearls" series pays tribute to the brilliant professionals of stage and screen.