The Cosmopolitan Review 5/26/11

Yvonne Delaney Mitchell | 5/27/2011, 12:01 p.m.

With regret I mention the passing of Lee Dunham, the first minority business owner to open a McDonald's on 125th Street between Seventh and Eighth avenues. In opening his business, Dunham, a former police officer, had two dreams come true-when he went to the bank to get a loan to open the franchise, he met the loan officer who was to become his wife, and the rest was history.

As we approach Memorial Day weekend, the calendar is picking up for the month of June. On June 4, the Vitruvian Collective LLC will be presenting the Passionate Collector: Images of Diversity. The event, sponsored by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in association with the Boule, Beta Tau chapter, will showcase the works of African-American artists with music provided by the Altruism Band.

The outdoor event, for adults only (guess that means I will have to find a babysitter, while babysitters are quickly becoming an endangered species), will take place at the home of Hiram and Pat Brett in Madison, Conn. It is being hosted by their daughter, Kelly, CEO of V.C. Event Management Com- pany. For more information, email Kelly at Kelly@vceventmanagement.com.

On Friday, June 10, the Delta's Cabaret to Benefit Scholarships and Public Service Programs will take place at Dunlevy Milbank Center, beginning at 9 p.m. There promises to be good music, camaraderie and lots of dancing, so wear your flats.

Happy birthday to Betty Bezzell, whose sister Karen hosted a family reunion birthday bash at her home in North Carolina; the Hon. Frank Morton Jr.; Frank Morton III; Donald DeWees Jr., whose bike shop is open for busi- ness at 124th Street and Marcus Garvey Park, carrying on in his father's tradition; and Aaron Manley. Happy anniversary to Elinor and Curtis.

Until next week...kisses.