Join DC37's Rally June 14

DC 37 Executive Director | , Lillian Roberts | 5/31/2011, 11:36 a.m.


Join DC37's Rally June 14

On Tuesday, June 14, beginning at 4:30 p.m., working men and women who are fired up and can't take no more will rally at City Hall in Lower Manhattan. On that day, district Council 37, aFsCMe and our brothers and sisters in other labor unions, community, religious and political groups will fight back against Bloomberg's budget cuts.

How can the Mayor slash funds for public schools, health care facilities, affordable housing, social services, day care and senior centers, libraries and cultural institutions, parks, pools and recreation centers and other essential services when we need them now more than ever? How can he lay off thousands of city workers who provide these vital services when the city enjoys a $3.6 million surplus? It makes no sense.

Right now, our children in public schools are subjected to cramped classrooms and staff shortages. some 17,000 of our youngsters live in homeless shelters. Our public hospitals are being sold piece-by-piece. emergency medical services are dwindling. Libraries are being cut. Public parks are being privatized. Public pools could close two weeks early during the hottest weeks of the summer. Child protective service staff are stressed out and overworked. Our kids are being denied early childhood education and priced out of a college education. Our elderly face isolation and possibly neglect if senior centers close.

The Mayor is pulling the plug on public services at a time when our communities are already plagued with double-digit unemployment, homelessness, hunger and poverty. at the same time, he squanders $10 billion of our tax dollars on 17,000 contracts with private companies for work public employees do better and for a lot less. What's more, we lose even more tax revenue because all too often these companies are not even located in our city, our state, or, even, our country. and, as if that's not bad enough, while our rates, fares and fees go up the Mayor isn't collecting millions in business tax revenue the city is legally entitled to so we end up subsidizing wealthy banks, corporations and even sleazy strip joints. and, to add insult to injury, while middle and working class communities suffer cuts in services and the loss of jobs, the Mayor plans to spend millions building expensive waterfront developments and horseback riding stables. It's outrageous.

That is why district Council 37 has called for a rally at City Hall on June 14. It is time to take to the streets and make our voices heard like our very future depended on making a powerful statement - because it does. We must turn out in large numbers to protest like our basic democratic rights are at stake - because they are. The effort to destroy public services and the workers who provide them, whether in Wisconsin, new york or elsewhere is a cancer that will spread unless we stop it.

Join us on June 14, at City Hall, when dC 37 will stand up for our families and our communities. Together we must fight to make new york a city where working men and women can live and work and raise a family. Together, we must make a mighty stand for economic justice. Today we will determine what type of city new york will be tomorrow. Today, we must take to the streets for the June 14 Rally if we are to create a Better new york for all!!!

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