People of Color Working Group formed

STEPHON JOHNSON Amsterdam News Staff | 10/20/2011, 11:35 a.m.

In terms of goals, Holder said that the organization has the same goals as the Occupy protesters, that is, getting media attention so that issues of economic justice and accountability for major corporations can become a part of the national conversation. She just wants to make sure racial justice, which is tied to economic justice, is a part of the movement as well.

Specifically, "a reconstruction of the socioeconomic, political, health, educational, housing, immigration and criminal justice system," said Holder.

"To reverse the vicious and systemic cycle of have-nots who feed the prisons, shelters and drug rehab facilities. To truly have firsthand experience of 'liberty and justice for all.' To ensure that our schools have books occupied by our [pre-colonial] history and heroes, painting an accurate portrayal of the detrimental effects of imperialism and colonialism, and being taught by trained and passionate teachers.

"We want our communities flooded with real opportunities, including community centers, cultural institutions and re-regulation for stabilized rents and affordable housing to stop gentrification."

Other issues include police brutality, stop and frisk, the prison-industrial complex and deportation, Holder added. "Crisis leads to new legislation, and we are determined to have our voices heard so our political leadership is aware of our problems and solutions. We are, however, a proactive group, and we have working groups dedicated to direct actions in our communities to solve these aforementioned problems."