SHH Party Down closes out summer right

Yvonne Delaney Mitchell | 9/7/2011, 5:41 p.m.

The school season has begun and it is off and running. It was filled with intense drama and a real hassle to say the least trying to get children placed in the appropriate school, but hopefully everyone has settled in. Just in case there are some kindergarteners out there still looking, there are still seats available at the Teachers College Community School. TCCS is an exciting new public school spearheaded by Teachers College. It features an innovative educational program designed by TC, with outstanding academics and enrichment in arts, science, technology and wellness.

TCCS is temporarily located at Fifth Avenue and 130th Street for a year while its building is being renovated. Next year, TCCS will move to its permanent home at 168 Morningside Ave. at 126th Street. At full capacity, TCCS will include Pre-K through eighth grade. For more information and to enroll your child, call the school planning office at (212) 678-7421 as soon as possible.

For those of you looking to do something civic-minded, the Black Women's Leadership Caucus would love to have you join them as they stand "Hand in Hand" with so many others on Saturday, Sept. 10 at 8:46 a.m. to form a human chain along the waterfront from the tip of Lower Manhattan heading north. Children are joyfully invited to participate as well.

This event is sponsored by Community Board 1. All participants will receive a free T-shirt with the event logo when they check in that morning. Remember Hands Across America 1986, when more than 7 million people joined hands forming a line that stretched 4,152 miles across 48 states from New York City's Battery Park to Long Beach, Calif.? Well, they are trying to do one better, so lend a hand if you can.

Happy birthday to Lisa Dale, whose longtime companion, Tim Dale, is residing in the nursing home across from St. John the Divine. Happy birthday also to Tiara Palmer, Doloris Coombs, Shirley Scott, Michael Dutton and Wilhemenia Billie Holliday-Hayes.

Remember to stop and say a prayer on Sunday, Sept. 11 for all of those who lost their lives, a loved one or a friend on 9/11. Thank those who rescued, helped or consoled. Pray for world peace and support President Barack Obama as he strives to make it all happen.

Until next week...kisses.