The case against Police Commissioner Ray Kelly

Esq | 4/12/2012, 5 p.m.
For too long, we've heard nothing but praise for our present police commissioner, Ray Kelly....
The case against Police Commissioner Ray Kelly

Kelly has presided over a police force still grappling with corruption and union cronyism. The ticket fixing scandal involved hundreds of police officers. There have been accusations in Brooklyn of a ring of retired officers and current ones selling guns. There have been numerous arrests of officers involved in drug sales.

Recently, we got to read the racist comments made by some of the officers discussing the West Indian Day Parade. In the Bronx, we recently had a police officer's march at the arraignment of those charged with ticket fixing. While passing the hundreds of people lined up to apply for welfare, many of the white officers were heard shouting racial insults at those waiting in line.

The same officers who stop and frisk us and prevent us from marching were heard shouting these insults. Kelly's limited racial sensitivity classes seem to have borne no fruit.

These items are just the tip of the iceberg in the case against Kelly. We must ask ourselves, what price must we pay for the reduction of crime? The very statistics that are used to celebrate crime reduction have been under question, first raised in the Village Voice and most recently in the New York Times.

It is most obvious that it is time to question the Teflon police commissioner. It is time to ask, what price must we pay for crime reduction? Why not put a camera in everyone's house? This might reduce crime, but at what price to our privacy? Crime reduction does not require the systematic deprivation of the rights of a large number of the population. Others have used different, less draconian tactics while achieving the same results.

Perhaps it is time for Kelly to march out of New York City? Perhaps it is time for an administration that protects and respects the rights of all New Yorkers?

We say, "Ray Kelly has got to GO." What about YOU?