Activists plan action against proposed DOE school closures

NAYABA ARINDE (Editor) and CYRIL JOSH BARKER | 12/28/2012, 10:52 a.m.

One the schools that was reported to be one of the worst performing that is scheduled for closure is Jamaica High School in Queens, which has a 46 percent graduation rate.

Schools Chancellor Joel Klein released the third annual public school progress report for more than 300 New York City public high schools last month. The results reflected performances at schools during the 2008-2009 school year.

The data reveals that 67 percent of schools that received a D or F grade last year improved with a C grade. Ratings are given to schools based on surveys given to parents, teachers and students about the school's learning environment.

"We continue to see more high school students making progress toward graduation and more students meeting the milestone of graduation, which is exactly what we want to see and exactly what the high school progress reports are intended to reward," Klein said. "High school progress reports continue to serve as a useful tool for parents and other stakeholders--especially for families of eighth graders who are deciding where to apply to high school."

McCall told the AmNews, "Bloomberg creates schools like he's running a business--like New York city is his corporation. We're not having it. Even though the closure is not scheduled to happen until 2013, we will hold public forums and we will rally. How do you have schools being praised and awarded one minute, and threatened with closure the next? This is why we continue to say that Joel Klein should no longer be, and should never have been, the schools chancellor. All the elected officials should be supporting the parents in their outrage."