Digital generation making history with 'Femi Kuti and the Masses'

MISANI Special to the AmNews | 2/2/2012, 3:56 p.m.

Also documenting the action are independent filmmakers such as the London Film Academy-trained Ororo Pattaya, whose 20km Films produced the brilliant short film, "Nigerian Oil SubsiDIE-Wakawakawaka" starring Kuti and "The Masses." Pattaya, the producer, writer and director of the film, which he calls a "docu-movie," described the film. "The story is about how Femi Kuti led a one-hour protest march from his Afrika Shrine performance venue to Ojota," he said.

On Monday, Jan. 23, Kuti addressed a capacity gathering of irate young Nigerian men squeezed into the Afrika Shrine, where he attempted to calm them following the government's ban of the protests. Later that afternoon, labor unions announced the end of the strike, and although the fuel subsidy was not reversed back to pre-strike prices, the newly announced government price of 97 naira (60 cents) per liter was displayed.

"Let's make history," Kuti urges the younger generation in his song. Nigeria's younger generation have heeded this call and are indeed making history.

"Let's make history," sings Femi Kuti. Nigeria's younger generation have heeded this call, and are indeed making history in Nigeria.

As we journey into Black History Month, "Africa Sings!" and the eyes of Harlem are focused on Femi Kuti, our Cycle 2 host, and filmmakers like Ororo who are committed to documenting Nigeria's present-day history for ensuing generations.